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Developers intend to apply best practices for long term sustainability.

With construction of the Ballito Junction mega mall well under way and Ballito’s water and electricity resources under severe pressure, what is the developers’ green strategy for the mall?

Flanagan & Gerard CEO, Patrick Flanagan said although it will not be designed and registered for a “green building” rating, the developers intended to apply best practice principles in the design and specifications for the building with respect to green issues and long term sustainability.

Large, clear storey windows, up where the roof meets the wall, that let light in from the side will be orientated to allow for maximum natural light penetrating into the three level mall without making the building unnecessarily warm.

The two shopping levels below ground will receive natural light through large openings in the floor plates.

Edgars and Woolworths are two of the double level anchor tenants which have agreed to provide large, east facing windows to allow natural light into their stores in addition to the accompanying spectacular views to the east, over a wetland and the sea.

Flanagan said the air-conditioning system will make use of the latest energy saving systems and equipment to keep power consumption to the absolute minimum.

On the electrical side, about 25 percent of the mall’s daily power consumption will be generated by photo voltaic panels on the roof that will produce about 1.7 MVA of power per day.

The mall will have both photo voltaic panels generating electricity and solar panels heating water.

The developers have incorporated the latest design of escalators, that automatically switched to low speed when not in use, further contributing to energy savings.

A specialist lighting consultant will be appointed to design special features and general lighting and will install state of the art LED lighting technology that uses the minimum power.

Water is a major concern, and the very large roof areas will be used to harvest rain water to be stored and used for general irrigation of landscapes around the building.

The employing of a waste management consultant sees the implementation of a waste management system which is environmentally sustainable and will include a recycling system to ensure that the expected waste of about 80 tons per year is effectively dealt with.

As a result of the mall’s effective waste management strategy, less landfill will need to be transported, leading to reduced carbon emissions.

Over and above the green initiatives, the exterior walls of the building and the landscaped areas have been designed to have a lot of trees and wall creepers to soften the look of the building.

Author: The North Coast Courier

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